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How is my premium calculated?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Does it matter what kind of car you drive?

The total value of your car, what type of vehicle it is, and what type of safety rating it has all factor into the cost of your policy. If your car is worth 50k, the premiums will be higher than a small compact car because the auto mechanic will need to use more expensive replacement parts that are OEM certified.

Other factors can include how many miles you drive each year. Every car is a potential hazard. The more you drive, the higher the probability of being involved in some accident. A car in the garage cant get damaged!

Where you park your car. Usually auto insurance providers want to see a closed garage for the best possible rate. Cars parked on the street have a higher chance of being stolen or damaged. That risk will translate into an increase in premium.

How many expensive extra features your car has. If I have expensive extra features, car insurance companies will increase the premium because replacing these extra gadgets come with a hefty price.

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