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Is Car Insurance tied to the Car or the Driver

Technically, car insurance is tied to the car. That means if you let someone else drive your car, your insurance may kick in if there is an accident. Not all insurance policies cover all uses of your vehicle, though, so read the fine print on yours before you allow someone else to drive it. Racing or other extreme sports will most likely be excluded.

You may also be able to exclude drivers who live with you from your policy if you don’t ever want them driving your car and don’t want them impacting the cost of your policy. For example a teenage driver could be excluded from the household’s policy to save more on the premium.

It is imperative to list all drivers that regularly live in the household on the policy. If someone lives in that house it is understood as if that driver will be considered a regular driver and must be rated.

It is also cheaper to include a teenage or young adult (under 25) to your policy, having the teenager start their own auto insurance would be even more expensive. (But great idea!)

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