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Does Insurance Protect Cars or Drivers?

Auto insurance doesn’t protect cars. Auto insurance protects people.

It protects people against financial losses that can result when they own, maintain, or use a motor vehicle.

A PAP has four main coverages and a number of additional coverages. All of them serve different functions in protecting people against financial losses.

  1. Liability coverage protects the insured against claims made by other people because they were injured or their property was damaged in an accident involving an insured. Liability claims become very large when major injuries are involved.

  2. Medical payments coverage protects occupants of an insured vehicle by covering their medical bills if they are injured in an accident.

  3. Physical damage coverage—“comprehensive and collision” coverages—protects a vehicle owner against the expenses involved in repairing a damaged auto.

  4. Uninsured motorists coverage protects people against financial loss when they must pay for their own medical bills because the driver of the car that injured them had no insurance.

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