If you’re trying to secure the best rates possible for auto insurance in upstate New York, doing so with multiple speeding tickets, a DUI, or just a history of reckless driving isn’t going to do you any favors. Conversely, what is going to do you and your discount auto insurance rate several favors is something that’s rather simple: driving safe and carefully.

Safe Driving Translates To Better Auto Insurance In New York

Of course, for many drivers here in the United States — and all around the world — that’s easier said than done. People have appointments to make, deadlines to adhere to, and other reasons that “justify” speeding and driving irresponsibly. As it turns out, insurance companies don’t really like that, and our auto insurance provider in New York State here at Wise Men Insurance Services is here to shed a little more light on the matter.

Below, we’re going to briefly cover a few of the most typical driving mistakes that people tend to make. Whether you’re in Orange, Rockland, Dutchess or Putnam county, if you’re looking to get started with an auto insurance quote, visit here to learn more, or feel free to get in touch with Wise Men Insurance Services with any questions about how we can better assist you!

Distracted Driving Is Unsafe Driving

If you’re putting forth anything less than 100 percent of your attention on the road and what’s ahead of you and around you as you’re driving, then you need to reconsider. Texting and driving is very problematic in today’s society, and really, any form of using your smartphone just isn’t…smart. If there’s something important that you need to do on your phone, pull over and dedicate all of your attention to the matter. One thing at a time!


If you’ve ever been rear ended before, then you probably know how much anxiety comes with being followed all-too-closely by the driver behind you. Tailgating encourages fender benders — or worse — and it’s also a sign of reckless or dangerous driving. Make sure to give ample space in between you and the vehicle in front of you (consider the three-second rule).

Speeding Up At A Yellow Light

Unless you’re very close to the intersection going at speed and it’s too late to stop, you should always slow down approaching a yellow light. We shouldn’t have to elaborate on this point for obvious reasons.

Speeding In General And Especially In School Zones

Don’t blow through a residential neighborhood just because you’re in a rush. That’s just not safe. Speeding is dangerous no matter what the situation, but driving fast through areas where there are children at play or people frequently crossing the street can give way to a nightmare scenario. Drive cautiously and stay vigilant in these areas.

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