Many things are commonly misunderstood, but insurance services are especially misunderstood — which is interesting, because this is concerning something that we need and rely on in our daily lives. In short, no, your life will not be ruined by a simple speeding ticket, and yes, state laws require that you have minimum coverage on your vehicle. Despite what you’ve heard from friends or family, the best way to set the insurance record straight is to hear it from the professionals (yes, that would be us).

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At Wise Men Insurance Services, as the Upstate New York insurance brokers, our main goal is to get you situated with insurance policies that work for you and your life. Whether you’re looking to get an affordable insurance quote on automobile insurance, property insurance, business insurance, or personal insurance, our reputable and experienced insurance brokers in Spring Valley can help.

Below, in the interest of informing our readers about the ins and outs of finding the right insurance agency, Wise Men Insurance Services is going to briefly touch on some common insurance myths. Questions? Contact us today.

Myth: My Car’s Color Affects My Auto Insurance Rate

Not necessarily. While a bright red sports car is more likely to attract a police officer’s attention out on the open road, auto insurance companies set rates based on the safety features of a vehicle and how much it costs to repair or replace a said vehicle. Additional factors about the driver and their driving history are also considered.

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Myth: Your Landlord’s Insurance Policy Will Cover Your Own Items

False. The building owner’s insurance policy should cover the structure itself, but not your personal belongings. To get coverage on your own items within your domicile, you’ll need renter’s insurance to cover your things. Typically, renter’s insurance is fairly inexpensive, and can save you from a headache of problems —  financially and otherwise.

Myth: I Don’t Need An Insurance Agent

Our answer is a little biased, admittedly, but unless you really know what you’re doing when it comes to finding affordable insurance quotes in Upstate New York, among other insurance-related items, it pays to have a professional like us. A local, independent agent can help guide you to the right insurance policies relative to your specific needs.

Myth: Personal Auto Insurance Also Covers Business Use Of Your Vehicle

Not necessarily true — if you’re hauling supplies or otherwise performing business duties in your personal vehicle, especially over an extended period of time, you should insure your vehicle for business use. The last thing you want is to get into an accident due to a work-related cause, only to find yourself paying out of pocket or suing your employer to pay for the damages. That’s just not a good overall situation.

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Working with our clients to help them get the best deals on insurance policies that are helpful and effective, Wise Men Insurance Services is transparent, honest and out to help people just like you. Learn more and get started on finding an affordable insurance quote in Upstate New York by getting in touch with our insurance brokers today.

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